ObjectVideo Terminates International Trade Commission Investigation Against Samsung

Action against Bosch continues

ObjectVideo announced July 18 the filing of an unopposed motion to terminate Samsung from an ongoing United States International Trade Commission investigation. “Both parties agreed this was the appropriate next step as part of our continued efforts to resolve the dispute between the companies,” said Raul Fernandez, CEO of ObjectVideo.

The public trial against Bosch at the USITC, resulting from an investigation pertaining to products from Robert Bosch GmbH and Bosch Security Systems, Inc., continues as planned.

“With Samsung out of the ITC action, we can focus on Bosch, whose products implement numerous infringing video analytic technologies, including metadata, tripwire, and slip-and-fall technology,” added Fernandez. The patents in suit include United States patent numbers 6,696,945; 6,970,083; 7,613,324; 7,868,912; and 7,932,923.