InterDigital Communications vs International Trade Commission

InterDigital appealed before CAFC from an order of the ITC finding that InterDigital’s patents were not infringed by Nokia

The patents in suit, which are directed to wireless cellular telephone technology, are both entitled “Method and Apparatus for Performing an Access Procedure.” They share a common specification. The patents focus on apparatus and methods for controlling transmission power during the “handshake” portion of a wireless cellu-lar communication, which is the portion of the communi-cation in which a cellphone establishes contact with a cellular base station in order to initiate a cellphone call.

InterDigital Communications, LLC, and InterDigital Technology Corporation appealed from an order of the International Trade Commission finding that InterDigital’s patents, U.S. Patent Nos. 7,190,966 and 7,286,847 were not infringed by Nokia Inc. and Nokia Corporation.