What Are the Benefits of Publishing Prior Art?

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Defensive publishing is a cost-effective method to protect technology without applying for patents. Publishing documents that establish your innovation as “prior art” in the public domain can decrease unnecessary patent expenses for innovations that have operational but non-commercial value to your organization. Publishing prior art also blocks competitors from obtaining a patent on technology described by the documents you’ve published. … Read More

How Defensive Publishing Can Strengthen Your Patent Portfolio

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Since the early 1980s, the number of patents granted on software-based inventions has increased by 1,900%, resulting in approximately 40,000 software-related patents issued annually. The frenzy behind this software patent glut needs to stop. Part of the problem is that many software patents merely cover incremental improvements to core technologies, with varying degrees of value to the owner. Separate from the … Read More

3 Core Elements of Intellectual Property Strategy

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Intellectual property (IP) assets have become the currency of business, used not just to protect technology rights, but also to gain competitive advantage and drive new revenue opportunities. In many organizations, however, there’s still a disconnect between IP strategy and business strategy. Outdated IP tools and processes can increase a company’s exposure to risk (the number of patent infringement lawsuits … Read More